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Next Level Emulation: The Nintendo 3DS Windows 95

Emulation Taken to the Next Level with the Nintendo 3DS Windows 95

Out of all the crazy cross-platforming we’ve been seeing recently, nothing can beat the next level emulation: the Nintendo 3DS Windows 95 version. We start off our new year with news of the deeds of a particular emulating aficionado and GBATemp.net member nicknamed Shutterbug2000 who managed to get a copy of Windows 95 to run on the popular handheld gaming platform.

This is something that has been attempted on numerous occasions in the past but didn’t become possible until recently. With the addition of the new Nintendo 3DS hardware specifications, the limit has been breached. By making use of a DOSbox workaround, Shutterbug2000 managed to get a copy of what is the original Windows 95 to boot up on the 3DS.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else to it than simply booting the operating system. The Nintendo 3DS cannot – at this time at least – run any of the OS’ features and only does so much as load it up then remain set on the Microsoft Windows 95 welcome and home screen. The Youtube video that was released by the one behind it on December 31st depicts the progression of events. After a quick run of the Microsoft ScanDisk which – right now – appears to result in an error, you’re afterwards greeted by the Win95 main screen on the top display. The bottom screen is not the most aesthetically pleasing thing as it simply displays the emulator’s status.

So what does this mean for Nintendo 3DS users? Unfortunately, not much at the present time. Other than a wildly enthusing breakthrough that most likely only other experts will elaborate and develop on, it holds no use for the regular gamer. It does, however, shed some light on future prospects of the gaming platform.

Being able to ultimately start running the old Microsoft Windows 95 operating system on a Nintendo 3DS could lead to the adaptation of a great number of old school games that are not as easy to get your hands on nowadays, straight onto your handheld. Retro titles such as the classic Hover for example will be able to be run on the 3DS, once several limits and taken out of the equation.

There’s no telling how far the system will be able to get. Or even if adopting 90s gaming on it will require peripherals such as mice or keyboards of some sort. Sure, there’s a good chance most games could just do with the touchscreen or the basic 3DS control mapping. And then there’s the extent that an actual – even if old-timey – operating system could go to on the Nintendo handheld devices. Could you use it for storage? Could you use it on the internet via a WiFi connection? Use any kind of Win95 applications directly from your 3DS?

Not to mention that the undeniable reality of running a full-fledged operating system like that on a tiny Nintendo 3DS screen only adds up to the uncertainty of the entire ordeal and the potential impractical thing to elaborate on. Nevertheless, it still scores incredibly high on the cool meter.

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