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The BlackBerry Priv Was a Success, Sort-Of

The BlackBerry Priv Was a Success, Sort-Of

The BlackBerry Priv was a success, sort-of – it didn’t get passed the 5 million unit mark that the company needs in order to gain back all of the invested money, but it did rather well in sales.

The Canadian company reported its quarterly results at the end of the last week. The numbers weren’t that pretty, but it showed significant improvement. Blackberry reported a smaller quarterly loss and it has seen a quarter-by-quarter increase in revenue over the past two years.

Even the stockmarket liked the news – everyone was expecting to hear how BlackBerry failed with their new Android-OS smartphone.

BB’s numbers note that the company has witnessed a loss of $0.17 a share – that’s $89 million. Compared with the past, it’s a pretty great deal – this time last year, Canadian execs were fumigating over a loss of $0.28 a share, which is $148 million.

Their software revenue increased dramatically over the past two quarters.

BlackBerry have been rebranding themselves as a more software-oriented business for quite some time now and 2015 is the first year, which investors can take as tangible evidence that the company’s transformation is actually working.

BlackBery sold a little bit over 700,000 devices, during the quarter. With an average selling price of $315, it sold almost as much as the previous quarter – 800,000 devices at an average price of $240.

John Chen, BlackBerry’s Chief Executive Office, has said that they are planning to build other Android-capable smartphones, but it all depends on whether the Priv makes it or breaks it in the smartphone business. They can’t afford to lose more money, and if the Priv doesn’t bring them the revenue the investors need, they’ll quit developing phones.

He continues to add that they have tons of software that can work like a charm on Android, iOS and Windows phones, so there’s no problem on that side.

In an attempt to boost sales and save the phone-making side of the company, BlackBerry will launch the Priv in another 30 countries by the end of this quarter.

I got my hands on the Priv several weeks ago, and I loved it. It’s a good looking device, with a more than decent camera. I was a little bit disappointed by the keyboard, but overall I had a great time with it.

I doesn’t deserve the $699 price tag, that’s for sure, but if you lower it to something along the $300-$350 mark, then it makes it a worthwhile device.

The company has been through some harsh times, and their fault is their own. Ignoring the fact that Android and iOS beat their proprietary OS, they kept developing  great devices that nobody bought because of their sub-standard operating system.

Their refocus on software and security solutions appears to work extraordinarily great for the company.

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