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Super Affordable Sony Alpha 68 Camera Lands in the US in April of 2016

Super Affordable Sony Alpha 68 Camera Lands in the US in April of 2016
With a 79-point AF, and at a super affordable price, it beats its competition to a pulp.

Super affordable Sony Alpha 68 camera lands in the US in April of 2016 – it has also received a release date for Canada as well. The Sony Alpha 68 is an entry-level DSLR priced between $600 and $700 – depending on the model.

The Alpha 68 camera was first announced for Europe, last month, but now photography enthusiasts residing in the US, and Canada, have something to look forward to in 2016.

The camera has 24-megapixels, an APS-C sensor and it comes with Sony’s top-notch A-mount lens. Yet, that’s not the biggest feature. The gamebreaker here is Sony’s 4D autofocusing, which the company claims, it offers accurate and lightning-fast tracking due to its 79 AF points.

The 4D focus system was passed down from the Alpha A77 II, and it gives the Alpha 68 the much needed boost to compete with the Nikon D5500 and Canon Rebel T6i. Sony states that it performs incredibly well in a variety of shooting conditions including the photographer’s archnemesis – the extremely low light setting.

Thanks to its 79 AF points, and the home-grown translucent mirror, the camera can continuously track autofocus up to 8fps.

On the rear, photographers will find an OLED viewfinder, and a 2.7-inch TFT LCD screen that can be tilted from 135 degrees upwards to 55 degrees downwards. Borrowed from its older brothers is the control wheel, which offers quick access to a wide range of settings adjustments.

There are 10 customizable buttons that can be assigned with the photographer’s most used functions.

The sensor, which is of APS-C Exmor CMOS descent, is more than capable of handling an ISO range of 100-25600. In the video department, the Alpha A68 camera can record in 1080p, and Sony’s SteadyShot Inside feature offers the much needed stabilization, along with reduce camera shake for all 34 lenses.

Max shutter speed is 1/4000th, and Sony claims it has the world’s highest number of phase detection AF points. The Japan-based company assured photographers that the new A68 camera will be compatible with all of the 34 company-made A-mount lenses.


The camera’s main competitors are the Nikon D5500 and the Canon Rebel T6i. The first comes with a 39-point autofocus system, while the latter has 19. The Nikon D5500 costs $700, and the Canon Rebel T6i retails at $750 – both for the body only.

The Sony Alpha 68 camera comes as super affordable as the body only costs around $600 and and a kit with the DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM II lens will be priced at loosely $700 or so.

You just have to wait until April of 2016 to get your hands on Sony’s seemingly brilliant A68 camera.

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