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Google Play Books Now Makes It Easier to Read Books At Night

Google Play Books Now Makes It Easier to Read Books At Night
To quote Legolas – They are taking the hobbits to Isengard!

Google Play Books now makes it easier to read books at night – give your eyes the much-needed rest they require.

In this new era were books are quietly, but surely, becoming obsolete, and the smartphone is becoming the device capable of doing anything and everything, reading isn’t as expensive as it was back in the day.

Mainly because apps like Google Play Books, and the huge availability of books.

However, reading on smartphones and tablets can hurt your eyes. Considering that we are constantly on the go, reading time has shifted from the morning commute and odd lunch break, to night, just before you take to Morpheus’ dream realm.

The blue light that emanates from computer screens – read smartphones, tablets, PCs and the likes; inhibits the secretion of melatonin, the hormone who is known to provide us humans with a good night’s sleep. This leads to a kerfuffle with our natural clock, and it can even lead to illnesses and disorders.

Researchers and doctors recommend that we don’t strain our eyes and mind with any kind of blue light, and to detach ourselves at least a good hour before going nappy-nap. However, not everyone wants to do so, especially those of us who prefer to read books in digital formats.

The best solution is to switch to an e-paper or e-ink ebook reader, a format known for being super-easy on the eyes – and also a great platform to read books. I’m looking at you Kindle – thanks for being in my life.

But for those who can’t acquire an ebook reader, there’s the option of Google Play Books, and Google will try its darnedest to make you buy their apps and glistening LCD devices, like any vendor would.

Google knows that readers are more keen to buy a Kindle rather than an average tablet and use Google Play Books. That’s why it adds this kind of feature, in order to reduce the amount of blue light emanating from the tablet, smartphone or applications and entice people to use their devices more.

Amazon was amongst the first to do so by introducing the Blue Shade feature, which rolled out earlier this December.

Google’s New Light feature is similar to Amazon, and you’ll find it in the Play Books app. It assesses the time of day, and the Night Light will automatically start filtering the blue light and use a more warm, and amber colour palette during night time. It increases the amount of amber light it displays as the night progresses – everyone knows that when you get your hands on a good book, you can hardly let it down.

Supposedly, it will help the production of melatonin.

The Google Play Books new feature has begun rolling out for both iOS and Android devices. Users can enable and disable it at will.

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