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Subscribers of Verizon FiOS Can Now Watch Almost All of their DVR Content on the Go

Subscribers of Verizon FiOS Can Now Watch Almost All of their DVR Content on the Go
The best TV to catch all of the latest shows – HD is overrated, right?

Subscribers of Verizon FiOS can now watch almost all of their DVR content on the go from any network available.  This means that regardless of your geo-location, if you have a mobile device capable of running Verizon FiOS, you can sit back and catch up on your favourite telenovela.

The company has recently announced that the new feature will come as a free update to the FiOS mobile app. Now, subscribers also have the ability to stream live TV channels on any mobile device. However, this feature will remain limited to home viewing.

Yet, Verizon hasn’t specified the limitations on their new feature. The company has yet to clarify what is excluded from DVR playback on the go, and what has a stern greenlight. It has been specified that some programs will be unavailable, but almost all of the shows will be watchable from outside of the primary home network.

Verizon isn’t the only one implementing this kind of features. Comcast added similar features last year, and Time Warner, a company credited for popularizing the TV Everywhere concept, along with TiVo, have both supported DVR on the go streaming for years.

In a strategy to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, TV providers have been lately offering more goodies for free. However, CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings has said that even though TV Everywhere apps are the way to beat online streamers – read Netflix, Hulu, and the likes; satellite and cable companies won’t be able to do so – for a number of reasons.

At the current moment, Hastings is right. Adobe Digital’s recent poll notes that about 13.6% of pay-tv subscribers have ever used TV Everywhere apps in the 3rd quarter of 2015 – also noting that there’s a 8% annual user growth compared to last year.

The low growth is attributed to cord cutters – those individuals that have switched to internet-based streaming services. A study by eMarketer says that by 2018, 21% of Americans will be cord-cutters. These numbers are worrisome to cable providers, and while some are still believing it won’t put a major dent in their business, the wisest of them are expanding towards mobile and streaming platforms.

The mass exodus is upon us, let’s see if subscribers of Verizon FiOS will stick to the company, or flee to Netflix.

Indeed, these kind of features might entice users to keep to the traditional cable companies. Also, for now at least, these new functionalities add real value to subscribers, as they have a variety of viewing options.

Verizon offers the ability to record in HD for up to 200 hours, and 12 show concurrently, at the current moment.

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