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Best Buy Drops the Apple Watch Price by $100, Apple Announces March 2016 Event

Best Buy Drops the Apple Watch Price by $100, Apple Announces March 2016 Event

Best Buy drops the Apple Watch price by $100, Apple announces March 2016 event – rumours have it that the Cupertino-based company will reveal the second gen Apple Watch, as well as the iPhone 6c.

The Apple Watch Sport model now retails at $249, and the new price tag is in effect for all Best Buy stores nationwide, along with iPad price cuts. This could very well be a strategy to boost web traffic for the upcoming holiday shopping season, but it could also mean that the tech behemoth is prepared to launch the Apple Watch 2.

At the moment of writing this article, Best Buy has the cheapest prices for Apple smartwatches, beating Amazon and even the Apple Store itself.

Target also offers price cuts for Apple’s smartwatch. The major retail chain sells the Apple Watch for $29, but that’s just in form of vouchers – if the consumer spends enough at the store, then he’s eligible for that price cut.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer, and super-app, has predicted that the Apple Watch will be one of the most sought-after gifts for the past Black Friday event, and also for the upcoming X-Mas season.

However, the price cut does raise some warning signals – there is clearly much talk about the Apple Watch, and there’s a huge interest in it. It would make sense to keep the price as customers will flock to stores regardless. Does the drop mean that units aren’t selling as expected?

Moving further – according to the latest reports, Apple is currently preparing some big announcements for this March. Allegedly, the company will be unveiling their new Apple Watch smartwatch, as well as the 4-inch iPhone 6c. With smartphone manufacturers moving forward to the phablet territory, Apple remains sole leader in the market for smaller screen phones.

There are still a ton of people that prefer smaller screens, and who are not that comfortable with using a 5-inch smartphone – the standard size for a phone nowadays.

If Apple has the same amount of success as it had with the iPhone 5c, then, most likely, other smartphone manufacturers will jump ship and board the train to 4-inch land.

Rumours also have it that the iPhone 6c will house Apple’s latest state of the art A9 proc, and other jaw-dropping specs. Other speculations talk about the phone’s camera units – considering its size, there are high chances it will come with an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera unit, and a 1.2-megapixel secondary one.

However, these are still rumours at this point – don’t expect Apple to comment on them.

In the previous quarter, Apple’s smartwatch has sold more than 7 million units, while Android Wear vendors have reported to barely ship 300,000 units. The winner of the 2015 smartwatch race is clearly Apple, but Android is breathing down on its neck – the price is much more affordable, and because it works on a plethora of devices, it means that the consumer doesn’t have to invest in a brand smartphone as well.

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