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Uber is the First to Launch an App on Microsoft’s Windows 10

Uber is the First to Launch an App on Microsoft's Windows 10
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Uber is the first to launch an app on Microsoft’s Windows 10 – an universal ecosystem, which includes PCs, smartphones and tablets. It happened on Wednesday, and Uber took to the official Microsoft Windows blog to announce the launch.

Product team member for Uber, Yuixin Zhu has said that the immense power that Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform has will open a pathway for a more unified store that is aimed to deliver the perfect experience to consumers, regardless of what device they use to download the app from.

If you’re using Windows 10 on your desktop PC, then the Uber app will allow you to do everything the smartphone version features – well, except the ability to text or call the driver.

You can register with Uber, request a ride and set up a pickup location. Windows 10 users can get aid from Cortana if they don’t feel like typing or clicking on stuff. It pairs quite nicely with the Cortana for iOS and Android launch that was recently announced this week. As usual, the app will display an estimate of the ride cost, and a map that pinpoints the driver’s location and follows his route can be seen. You can split a fare with friends, exactly like the smartphone app, and your rides will be automatically charged to the specified credit card.

The Windows 10 Uber version offers live title updates – estimated time of arrival, which saves the user’s time from opening up the app to see when the vehicle will be at the pickup location. This means no more fidgeting with your iPhone or Android phone.

However, Uber has had an app available for Windows Phone for some time now.

Yet, Microsoft’s main goal at the moment is bringing more top quality apps to their platform. Pre-Windows 10, users have reported that the Uber app wasn’t actually on par with the Android and iOS variant – stability, functionality, and maintenance were lacking.

An Uber support staff member has been reportedly recommending Windows Phone users who have complained about the app to better use the Android or iOS one instead, since they are better and bug-free. The Windows 10 Uber update seeks to fix all of the past issues, but the change log for the app doesn’t specify anything in particular. It only notes that there have been made significant changes and improvements to the stability of the app.

We’re quite curios as to what users will be reporting in the following days. If you are a Windows 10 and Uber lover, tell us in the comments section below what you think about the new update. We’ll be testing it in the following days as well.

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