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Google Details Play Music Family Plan – $14.99 a Month for Up to 6 Listeners

Google Details Play Music Family Plan - $14.99 a Month for Up to 6 Listeners

Google details Play Music family plan – $14.99 a month for up to 6 listeners. Spending money to buy a subscription for a music streaming platform has to be one of the best ways to give yourself, and others, a gift this X-Mas holiday.

However, if you happen to live under one roof with a sister, a brother, and two music addicted parents , then this means that someone will eventually hog the account. The only solution is to buy separate subscriptions, but nobody wants to pay more than $50 a month for music.

Google has a plan to rescue your wallet from capitalism.

The recently announced family plan allows up to six listeners to enjoy music from one account. It costs $14.99 a month, as we’ve specified at the beginning of the post, thus making it far cheaper than what Google is currently offering for individual accounts with two or more users enabled.

There are more than 35 million tracks on Google Pay Music, and the company is constantly adding more songs to their library. Google notes that users that opt in for the family plan won’t be bothered with advertisements, and that they will enjoy the same ad-free experience as others.

The family plan comes with an unique feature – separate playlists and favorite lists for different family members so you won’t be forced to listen to your baby sister’s Tailor Swift album.

You’re more of a Beyonce man, aren’t you?

To entice consumers to switch to a family plan, Google Play Music includes YouTube Red – it removes all of those pesky ads that you see on clips, and it even allows you to cache and view videos when you don’t have an internet connection available.

It’s quite useful when you’re stuck on a nasty long train trip.

This is a means to compete with Apple Music, which was released earlier this year. At the current moment, Apple Music doesn’t seem to have hit that sweet spot with music lovers.  The Verge surfaced back in August that people are giving up on Apple’s music streaming platform, with more than 48% of trialists refusing to follow-up with a paid subscription.

Apple has denied this claim, of course, and it notes that about 79% of consumers that have joined the trial period are now paying subscribers.

The big G says that you’ll be able to opt-in for a family plan in the following days on Android devices in Germany, France, Australia, The UK, Canada and the US, with more countries to be added in 2016.

iOS and the web is coming in the near future as well.

Also, there’s some love for South Africa. Google Play Music has officially launched in the country, and it offers a large library of South African music as well.

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