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Facebook Kills a Few Social Apps

Facebook Kills a Few Social Apps
I seriously dislike killing tiny app experiments.

This just in: Facebook kills a few social apps. As of today, Facebook has shifted its approach to innovation by cutting out not-so popular social apps in order to focus more resources on the ones that can actually shape the world we live in.

Facebook has started dumping resources on technologies such as drones that stream WiFi to developing markets and virtual-reality headsets.

Slingshot, Rooms and Riff haven’t gained any traction, nor significant engagement with users. Over the past two years, those three apps have proved time and time again to be a money pit.

Rooms was first launched in October of 2014, and it was an app aimed to compete with Secret and Whisper – two apps focused on anonymous posting. Basically, the app offered a variety of chat rooms where anyone could post videos, photos and messages under anonymity.

Rooms will be shutting down on December the 23rd.

Slingshot was run by a team comprised of 10 people. The app was a basic tool that allowed users to send videos and photos to friends. After receiving a Slingshot, users where encouraged to reciprocate the feeling and send back their own video or photo.

However, these apps won’t completely disappear. Facebook has confirmed that it has plans to incorporate particular elements of Riff, Rooms and Slingshot into its primary app for Android and iOS.

Facebook didn’t stop there. Creative Labs, the company’s internal R&D division, which launched about two years ago, has been shut down as well. Creative Labs was Facebook’s division, which allowed the company to act more like a startup. Unfortunately, like most startups, its products didn’t find any kind of success in the real world – just on paper.

The social media behemoth is steering away from app experiments and it’s shifting its main powers towards big emerging technologies. Yet, WiFi-streaming drones and virtual reality isn’t the only two major things on Facebook’s plate – it’s known that the big F is currently developing a platform for e-commerce, and a plethora of other services for their Facebook Messenger app.

At the current moment, it’s a little bit confusing on how they will actually incorporate elements from the three apps into their Messenger one. Indeed, it does make sense that Slingshot should be incorporated within the F’s main messaging app, but for the rest, nobody has a clue.

Facebook announced last week that they are also planning to allow businesses to install their Messenger app as a widget on their websites. This will allow them to chat with consumers through Facebook. It’s quite the plan, and if it works, then the social media giant will make even more money via Messenger.

And from the perspective of making more money, it is indeed more useful to focus resources on this rather than on experimental apps that just look good on paper.

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