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Experience a NFL Practice Match with Google Cardboard

Experience a NFL Practice Match with Google Cardboard
Uh, I sure hope he isn’t aiming that egg at me!

You can now experience a NFL practice match with Google Cardboard, because the big G paired up with Visa and Bank of America. The VR experience is available to anyone who has a smartphone that can run Android or iOS.

The team is the New England Patriots, and you’ll be able to see how a practice match should really be like – filled with hard work and dedication, that’s how!

Over at the Gillette Stadium, 10.000 specially designed Cardboard viewers were handed out. Yet another huge strategy to push virtual reality to consumers. With VR knocking on our door-step, more and more marketing stunts of this kind will bridge a way to convert people into becoming virtual reality believers.

Think of The New York Times and their giveaway – they sent one million Google Cardboards to promote The Displaced, a documentary about three boys that struggle with the realities of war and persecution.

Below, you’ll find the VR experience. If you don’t have a Google Cardboard, you can still enjoy the clip by manipulating the video using your mouse.  Drag the screen in any direction you want, and re-play it more than once to get the full experience.

The Samsung Gear VR , paired with the Samsung Gear VR browser, will also work. That is, if you don’t have a Google Cardboard at hand.

Developed on the STRIVR VR training platform, the NFL practice match will take the user onto the field, straight into the training facility and also into the locker room. So the VR football enthusiast can get the whole package.

Sure, it’s not true VR, and most certainly not the one you’ll be experiencing with Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus, but it’s a means to get a taste of what this new form of entertainment can really offer.

If the ranks of the VR early adopters will grow, then we’ll get more of these kind of moments. And I’m quite sure that everyone is dying to either be on the playing field, or walking on Mars.

Brands have been slowly dipping their feet into the VR-medium. While, this is not actually a bad thing, as it reassures the VR enthusiast that it won’t be just a fad, it’s comes as a little bit gimmicky.

Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers, and this misconception seems to be plaguing the internet at the moment. While indeed it has seen major popularity in the gaming industry, experiences can be constructed from anything with implications in e-commerce and movies.

And, to be frank, the rate of people adopting VR is on a skyrocket course.

If you’re a true Patriots fan, then you’ll do whatever it takes to experience a practice match of theirs. If not, then you should consider switching to cricket.

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