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Check the availability of iPad Mini with Retina Display on an unofficial web tracking tool

If you want to know the availability of iPad Mini with Retina display, you have a web tool, courtesy of Seaturtle.org, which will shows the snapshot of iDevice’s availability in easy table, but only for U.S.

Image source: SEATURTLE.ORG
Image source: SEATURTLE.ORG

You only have to enter your city’s ZIP Code and select the device to start checking. Currently, the snapshot has mostly filled in the red color, which means the Retina iPad Mini is out of stock or not yet available in the stores. You could also check the availability of iPad Air and iPhone 5S online via this tool. The current snapshot shows that the WiFi only model is now available in some areas, whereas the iPad Mini Retina WiFi+cellular model seems to be out of stock in many places and 64GB of this variant is available in selected stores.

You may be wondering how did these people get the stock tracking information from Apple, as the firm itself forced to close another web tool last week for scrapping the Apple Online Store’s data. Seaturtle says that its web tool access the public XML service from the store, instead of the other scrapping type. However, this tool also helps to get notified when the iDevice you are searching for is available in your area via email. Th web-tool says,

Availability of new iPad minis at US Apple Stores based on our latest checks. The number in each grid cell is minutes since that iPad mini/Apple Store combination was last checked. You can click on the cell contents to check current status. Green means it was available at the last check, red means it was not. White means we have not checked that combination (i.e. no one has requested a check of that combination).

Sometimes the site shows the error message for exceptional traffic generated by the tool and its usability. The information retrieved from this tool is cross checked with that of Apple Store and it shows the accurate information regarding the availability of the iDevices.

You might be wondering, why a sea turtle website is providing this info. They say, they are Apple fanboys and they proudly announced that their website runs on Apple products. Have you found the right information from this website?

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