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Microsoft Announces Cortana to Be Released for iOS Testers

I’m afraid I cannot let you do that, Chief.


As the launch date for the app approaches and more and more users are excited to play with her, Microsoft announces Cortana to be released for iOS testers.

After releasing a beta version of Master Chief’s heroic companion for Android users last August, Microsoft decided to also launch a beta version for iOS users to test.

After releasing a survey on a forum in order to find out the level of excitement the iOS users felt in regards to testing out the app, a select group of testers was picked and emailed the download link as well as a number of instructions.

The reason behind only a limited number of users being allowed to test the app, despite a much larger number showing interest in doing so, is that TestFlight, the service through which Microsoft is handling the distribution of the beta product only allows 2000 users to test an app at the same time.

Microsoft’s version of Siri was inspired by the popular game Halo, and the main character, Master Chief’s trustworthy and self-sacrificing companion, the hologram Cortana.

With her blue appearance, always helpful comments, and jokingly teasing remarks, as well as due to her sacrifice in order to save the player’s character in one of the most recent games in the series, Cortana became one of the most beloved AIs in pop-culture, receiving numerous fan-made tributes in the forms of mods, videos, and even songs.

With Apple launching Siri for the iOS a few years back, it was inevitable that Microsoft would provide its own talking companion for their operating system. And what better voice to use than the one of the always fan favorite Cortana?

Available for Windows 10, Android and now iOS, the still in beta Cortana app provides a link between one’s portable device and their personal computer. It allows for easier scheduling and planning of activities, as well as providing a plethora of other functions that the users are still discovering.

A spokesman for Microsoft said in response to the beta’s launch that the reason why the project is still in beta is that they [the company] desire to make Cortana the best companion to your Windows experience, and thus are constantly working towards improving her.

With hundreds of millions of Windows, Apple and iOS users all over the world excited for Cortana’s launch, the stakes of getting her up and ready to work, and not only that, but the need to make her, as they put it, the flawless companion to your Windows experience are growing higher each day.

Below, you can find the video presentation for Cortana.

Image source: www.wikimedia.org

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQFrd6SEiLM]

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