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Mozilla Doesn’t Need Google Anymore

I-I don’t need you anymore, Google-sempai. I can handle myself.

Mozilla has been struggling for quite some time to keep its spot as second most used browser, even though its closest competitor remains, somehow unexplained, Internet Explorer. However, in a recent interview, a spokesman for the company claimed that Mozilla doesn’t need Google anymore.

For years, Chrome has been the number one most used internet browser, with over 50% of users opting for speed over stability. It might come as a surprise that Mozilla has been battling for second place with none other than Internet Explorer, both claiming somewhere around 15% of the users. Apple’s Safari comes in with roughly 5% of the market, while Opera, the only other independent browser except for Mozilla is used by only 2% of users.

I want to try to find an explanation as to why Internet Explorer is doing so well, but this isn’t what this article is about. How is the slowest browser out there competing with Mozilla for second place? I’m just going to chalk it up to most people simply being too lazy to install other browsers, or it being a work policy. Or maybe it’s just nostalgia. Or Internet Explorer-tan. But never mind that. This is about Mozilla.

Before the end of 2014, Mozilla made most of its revenue by making Google its default search engine. This worked wonders, as in 2014 alone, the Mozilla’s revenue owed to this contract was around $330 million. However, the contract ended at the end of the year, and the companies parted ways.

In 2015, Mozilla started its partnership with Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu, out of which you probably only heard of the first one. The browser is using Yandex and Baidu as their default search engines in Russia and China, while Yahoo is being used in North America. Somewhat surprisingly, Google is still the default search engine in Europe, even though Mozilla gets absolutely no revenue from this.

Despite evidence to the beginning of their downfall, the people at Mozilla are confident in their position, claiming they are eager to show the public, and especially their loyal users, how well they did financially after breaking up with Google.

It’s worthy to mention that Mozilla also dabbled in the portable device browser market, with its Firefox web browser, however they don’t appear to have that much success compared to Chrome and Safari.

Regardless of its financial success, Mozilla is still one of the most stable browsers out there, and its potential and mod-ability cannot be rivaled by any other browser out there. I’m looking at you Internet Explorer!

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  1. and we've haven't needed firefox for many years.

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