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How “Most Used Words on Facebook” App Affects Your Privacy

So, uh, should I bring the canary for this data mining gig, or are we good?

As the “most used words on Facebook” app becomes more and more popular, people have been growing concerned regarding the privacy policies employed by the company that is behind the quiz. Read on to find out if and how “most used words on Facebook” app affects your privacy.

Jonghwa Kim, founder and CEO of Vonvon, the company behind the controversial quiz, has sat down and answered some questions regarding their privacy policies. However, it remains up to you to decide if you are still bothered by the company’s privacy policy issues or not.

After being accused of requiring an unreasonable amount of data for their “most used words on Facebook app”, the South-Korean company modified their privacy policies in response to the public outrage; however, they defend their actions and claim that their policies are not so different from other companies that provide apps that offer similar things.

Mr. Kim, the company’s CEO, insists that none of the information requested ever reaches their servers, and that no personal information whatsoever is stored. He claims that the only reason the large amount of data requested is to provide entertaining and interesting quizzes, with no data being sent back to their servers.

When asked why information unrelated to the word cloud quiz was requested, the CEO insisted again that no data is actually received by them, and that all the information requested was used in order to enhance their users’ app experience. He says that they only do that in order to facilitate a smoothly-running service for their customers.

Accused that they were selling their users’ information to third party groups, Kim insisted once again that since they receive no data on their servers, there is nothing to sell.

Responding to other allegations that the company’s data policies are not transparent, Vonvon’s founder goes on to say that compared to other, better-known companies in the same business as them, their policies are not only more transparent, but they also provide more privacy.

He continues to say that taken out of context, all privacy policies may appear dubious, but that what’s important is what the companies do with the users’ data.

Since bigger, better known companies, like Buzzfeed, openly admit in their policies that they go on to sell the private data to other third parties, this leads to quite an interesting conundrum.

Who would you trust more? A company that states openly exactly what user data they use, but they sell that data to other parties, or a company that is less open about what data they make use of, but they never actually receive your information?

Share your thoughts below.

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