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AMP Promises Faster Internet for Mobile Users

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“Like, I’m not even bothered by the ads anymore, you feel me?”
“I totally feel you, dude!”

Great news for mobile data users all over the world, as Google is going to provide faster internet for all mobile users starting next year. The project, entitled simply Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP promises faster internet for mobile users everywhere.

Since the announcement 6 weeks ago that launched the project, more and more companies have taken an interest and partnered with Google to help bring us the better, faster, internet that we desire.

The project promises to take all the battery-draining, mobile-data-consuming ads and transform them into versions better suited for mobile technology. Not only that, but Google also promises faster, better-structured pages, and a significant reduction in user frustration regarding page loading times.

Thousands of parties have declared an interest in Google’s newest project, including the New York Times, the BBC, as well as countless ad partners.

We all know how frustrating ads can be when browsing a page, especially since they are draining your mobile device’s battery life, as well as your data plan. Also, some pages are quite unresponsive until everything on them is loaded, including the ads.

Well, Google promises to change that starting early in 2016, with the new Accelerated Mobile Pages project.

One of the biggest reasons for the project is that more and more users have started using ad blockers in order to access web pages faster. Yahoo has even gone to the extent of stopping some of the users with ad blockers from accessing their services.

This new AMP project promises to more efficiently integrate the ads into the browsing experience, so that users will be less inclined to get an add block, thus costing the partnering companies money by blocking the ads that they paid for.

The way they put it, the new and enhanced web browsing will provide fast, flexible and good looking content, thus preserving the revenue streams for the publishers, without which quality content would be less prevalent, if at all.

This seems to be another one of Google’s good ideas that are keeping the technological titan at the top of the food chain these days. Recently, they have come up with good idea after good idea, ensuring us, at least on the short run, that they are still at the top of their game.

Who knows what this trend will bring in the future? Perhaps the huge amounts of technological advancement and revolutionary technologies we’ve seen recently are only the tip of the iceberg, and maybe, just maybe, the future is indeed today.

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