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Apple Confirmed the Acquisition of Faceshift

Ok, great, now imagine he's an alien.
Ok, great, now imagine he’s an alien.

Many of you are probably familiar, or if not, have definitely heard of Faceshift, the motion capture technology behind the latest Star Wars movie. This September, rumors started going around that the company was bought by a big-shot company, but they were never confirmed. However, yesterday, Apple confirmed the acquisition of Faceshift.

The small company’s IP had become a hit world-wide, as it was a major part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, providing motion-capture technology to all of the non-human protagonists.

Not only that, but the company offered its software to various organizations and people for display. So, if you went to any major conventions in the past year, like Comic-Con, you probably had a run at it, or, sadly for you, just barely missed it.

The thing that made this motion-capture technology so impressive was the fact that it required no motion capture sensors to be attached to your face in order to work. You would just get in front of a camera, wait for it to calibrate and adjust to your face, and you’d be set.

Just chose or design the model you want, and you’d be able to be an orc, a robot, or for those of you who just like to watch the world burn, why not Jar-Jar?

As rumors have been spreading since September, Apple has finally confirmed the acquisition, although they are not saying anything else about the subject. As a spokesman from Apple stated, the company does occasionally buy out smaller companies, and this was one of those cases.

However, this purchase was not the first of its kind. In the past few years, the corporate giant has bought out several other facial recognition technologies, thus greatly improving its portfolio. It even has a decent number of patents in related fields.

Other such purchases made by Apple are Polar Rose, which was bought in 2010, and PrimeSense, which collaborated in the past with Microsoft’s Kinect technology, and was bought in 2013.

As the situation is now, Apple refuses to make any comments regarding their purchase of such a large number of facial recognition technologies, as they only begrudgingly admitted to buying Faceshift.

This is definitely part of a large-scale operation Apple is going to be coordinating in the future, as so far none of the purchased technologies has been made available to the public.

Only the future can tell what is next to come.

Image source: www.flickr.com

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