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Donate This Holiday Season with Google’s Android Pay

Notice us! We’re still giving money to charity, so we’re pretty cool guys, but notice us!

The international technological titan that is Google decided to get into the holiday spirit early this year, and start a new donation campaign. Therefore, for every payment you make via Android Pay, Google will donate $1 to special needs education programs throughout the U.S. Do you want to know how you can donate this holiday season with Google’s Android Pay? Read on.

This is not the first time Google has done something like this, with them launching an app a few years ago that allowed users to donate $1 dollar to a charity of their choosing.

This year, however, they started collaborating with a non-profit charity association, named DonorsChoose.org, in order to more easily handle the donations. All the money will go to different groups that support special education projects.

The donations campaign will work like this: for every transaction made starting today while using Android Pay, Google will donate $1 to the foundation. For every transaction made during Black Friday (which is this Friday, by the way – Nov. 27th), the donations will double.

However, this will only happen until the total sum reaches $1 million, at which point Google will give the sum to DonorsChoose.org.

But is Google really turning into Santa Claus this year, or is there a different kind of clause involved? [See? See what I did there?]

Well, of course there is something more behind it, as no major corporation would just give away $1 million during the holidays.

First of all, the groundbreaking giant made sure to emphasize that even if the donations exceed the 1 million dollar mark, they will stop there. And seeing as the app through which the donation is made possible is an Android app, and that Black Friday will double the donations, we can be pretty sure that the money will pretty much be collected by the end of the month, if not even by the end of the week.

Of course, this smells of a marketing maneuver from a mile away, Google making sure that we start using its Android Pay app by appealing to our humanitarian side. And as the money is to be collected through donations, the publicity stunt is obvious.

However, even if this is a marketing ploy to get more people to use their Android Pay app, Google definitely cannot be blamed for trying. After all, they *are* donating $1 million to charity, and if they want to get some free publicity with their donation, why shouldn’t they?

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