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HP’s New Smartwatch to Be Made in Partnership with Titan

hp's new smartwatchHP’s new smartwatch has already been planned together with other organizations in order to produce innovative devices under its “Engineered” program. The newest collaboration under this development system comes between the US producer and Titan, an Indian wearable maker. The hardware manufacturer states that Titan holds the fifth position among the biggest watch producers and the first gadget is a top smart watch.

Both business partners are rather quiet with the information regarding their watch, currently just saying that the device is a responsive one, not invasive. Titan was too formed as a partnership between Tamil Nadu and Tata Group from India and it produces over 10 million timepieces every year that are sold in more than 30 countries across the entire globe.

The American company created the components segments, apps and interface for its watch and it offers the cloud services for all its users. It also developed an application for the device that lets customers to set up and connect their gadgets to HP’s cloud platform. The smart watch will be paired with iOS and Android operating products and Titan is developing and producing the device.

Right now, there is no image with the particularities of the watch and it is uncertain when the device may be launched on the market. The US manufacturer stated that it wants to increase its “Engineered” system with other manufacturers and developers. HP does collaborate with Movado, since the popular watch manufacturer revealed their smart wearable recently.

This collaboration with Titan could have seemed unusual at first glance because there are other top manufacturers in the tech industry. However, this seems logical due to the fact that both these organizations have restricted choices, with big labels such as Hermes and TAG Heuer being already contracted and the main purpose of the collaboration prevailing for them.

Even if Titan is not the biggest name in the majority of the countries, it produces a significant number of wearable annually. So, even with only a portion of its upcoming revenue being generated by smart watches, HP instantly gets many sales thanks to this collaboration and the power to create other product partnerships. If this move is a successful one, HP could become an important player in the wearable market rather than just an occasional gamer.

However, it is quite possible that HP will now do most of their hard work. As it was the case with other smart watches created with the same program the American producer is providing the actual software and components, while the Indian company concentrates mostly on style and production.

Image source: Mensjournal

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