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10 Thanksgiving Movies You Don’t Want to Miss This Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day like many other holidays needs not be only about food and turkey stuffing. There are many ways to give thanks and many reasons to be grateful for. Hollywood comes to remind us just that with these 10 Thanksgiving movies you don’t want to miss this Turkey Day.

  1. Thanksgiving Family Reunion
"Thanksgiving familiy reunion"
Photo credits: IMDB

This 2003 production directed by Neal Israel doesn’t stray too far from the general norm of happy, family-beloved holiday movies. Aimed for the soft-hearted, the movie tells the story of Mitch Snider (Judge Reinhold), an anesthesiologist, who travels to his hippie and reckless cousin’s home (Bryan Cranston) to celebrate his first Thanksgiving family reunion.

  1. Love at the Thanksgiving Parade
"Love at the Thanksgiving Parade"
Photo credits: Hallmark

Holidays and love seem to go hand in hand, at least for most Hallmark movies. Love at the Thanksgiving Parade follows Emily Jones (Autumn Reeser), a Thanksgiving parade coordinator and Henry Willliams (Antonio Cupo), a wealthy consultant as they start to fall in love. So, there you have it, another reason to be grateful for love this Turkey Day.

  1. A Very Gaga Thanksgiving
"a very Gaga thanksgiving"
Photo credits: Lady Gaga blogspot

The 2011 performance that Lady Gaga hosted on ABC on Thanksgiving Day is always a good reason to give thanks. Thank God, you’re not a weirdo who likes to wear meat or thank God you can make a living without living in a cocoon! Whichever reason you want to be grateful for, we recommend you that you lend an ear to Gaga’s show. After all, her voice is one of her most undisputable talents.

  1. Garfield’s Thanksgiving
"Garfield’s Thanksgiving"
Photo credits: TinyPic

There’s no better way to show gratitude and love towards your children than to simply let them enjoy a one-day long marathon of cartoons. Make sure you add Thanksgiving-themed cartoons, as well, so they would better understand the meaning of this holiday. Seeing Garfield and his friends steal food on Thanksgiving Day will definitely keep them entertained.

  1. Thanksgiving Day
"Thanksgiving Day"
Photo credits: Macxdvd

As common as its name, this 2009 movie falls on the 6th position in our top 10 Thanksgiving movies you don’t want to miss this Turkey Day simply because it does not have an interesting plot. The production is, nevertheless, a good time killer and a spirits-lifter for those, who find themselves in dire straits and hope there can be miracles for them, too.

  1. The Thanksgiving House
"The Thanksgiving House"
Photo credits: Hallmark

This 2011 movie is definitely a keeper due to its interesting plot. Unlike the regular holiday romances or comedies, our no. 5 choice tells the story of a woman, who inherits a very old house. The building appears to have been constructed on the original place where Thanksgiving was first celebrated. Mixing historic events with modern day facts, The Thanksgiving House is a beautiful story of one our favorite holidays.

  1. The Thanksgiving Visitor
"The Thanksgiving Visitor"
Photo credits: Provision Theater

Inspired by Truman Capote’s original story, the 1967 production should not miss from your collection of classic movies. Showing a different side of childhood and holiday celebrations, The Thanksgiving Visitor is both a literary and a cinematographic masterpiece.

  1. Thanksgiving
"Thanksgiving 2004"
Photo credits: IMDB

Being alive is definitely a good reason to be thankful and this is what this horror movie seems to remind us. If you’re not into romances and soapy movies, this thriller story of a haunted woman will most certainly enliven your Thanksgiving siesta.

  1. Son in Law
"Son in Law"
Photo Credits: Base Line Research

If you are looking for a hilarious comedy for the entire family than this is what you need. Amusing situations arise as good-girl-gone-bad Rebecca Warner (Carla Cugino) and her party animal friend Crawl (Pauly Shore) celebrate Thanksgiving with her family in the countryside. The two have to maintain the appearances of an upright couple, that is, exactly what they can’t be.

  1. Free Birds
"Free Birds 2013"
Photo credits: Impawards

At the top of our selection of 10 Thanksgiving movies you don’t want to miss this Turkey Day is the 2013 production, Free Birds. Without any intention of taking turkey’s side, we must give credits to this movie due to its intelligently written plot which will definitely please adults and children alike. The movie follows the turkey characters of the movie in their attempt to go back in time and save their species from being forever consumed on Thanksgiving Day.

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