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Google’s Street View Brings Peace to the Middle East with a 360 Degree Tour of Jordan’s Cities

"Google Street View in Jordan, Petra"
The rocky streets of the city of Petra are finally accessible to people all over the world thanks to Google Street View.

As of today, Google’s Street View brings peace to the Middle East with a 360 degree tour of Jordan’s cities. The tech giant has worked closely with Jordan’s Queen Rania because they think the new images will help people better understand the Arab world and its mosaic culture.

Modern technology is supposed to keep people connected and to do away with communication, space and time barriers. Unfortunately, cultural differences become increasingly more visible and there are still many prejudices preventing people from interacting freely with inhabitants of other countries.

Google might have just found the solution to the long-lasting conflicts between the Arab and the Western world. The tech giant hopes he can use Google’s Street View to bring peace to the Middle East with a 360 degree tour of Jordan’s city.

The most recent city that has been added to Google’s online mapping system is Jordan’s city of Petra, which was established around the 3rd Century and is now considered one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, according to UNESCO’s classification.

Tourists can find many beautiful places in Petra with an immensely rich cultural value. Unfortunately, tourists’ interest has diminished significantly in the past decades simply because people are too afraid to visit these regions as a result of the recent terrorist conflicts.

Jordan’s Queen Rania, herself, asked Google to allow her to take part in the making of Petra’s virtual tour. The queen expressed her personal belief on Google’s initiative in a recent blog post on the company’s official website.

According to the Jordanian sovereign, it is a wonderful thing that Google has decided to add these new 30 historical sites to their online maps. She, too, feels these cultural regions should benefit of increasing popularity both among the inhabitants of Jordan, as well as among tourists from all over the world.

The Queen has further stated adding the city of Petra to Google’s Street View maps is a great opportunity for her country to finally counteract the negative comments they receive. In her opinion, the recent terrorist headlines have contributed to the negative image of the region, but the Middle East means more than that; it is a treasure of culture, heritage and history.

Google and Queen Rania agree on more than one thing: the 360 degree tour will show people that Jordan is a peaceful region that is worth visiting. Hopefully, the project will not just open visitors’ minds to these new geographical areas, but also to the new people living therein.

The city of Petra is just one of the many historical cities that Google has recently added on their Street View. People can, thus, explore important areas of the Jordanian city, such as, the Street of Facades, the Monastery and the Treasury.

Image source: www.bing.com


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