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Samsung’s copying affected Apple’s business, says Top Apple executive

On Friday, a top Apple executive mentioned that Samsung had affected the demand of iPhone and iPad and reputation by copying the designs of the devices.


The damages retrail between the companies took place in the federal court in San Jose California where Apple marketing chief, Phil Schiller appeared as witness. Schiller also added that the iPad Mini wasn’t released due the competition in the tablet market and the company was only looking forward to deliver a better product.

A global litigation is being carried on by both the companies for patent violations. However Apple received $1 billion after it was found that Samsung had copied features like pinch and zoom and the phone’s flat screen designs from iPhone. A retrail which was held in March had Samsung receiving about $4000 in damages in an order by District Judge Lucy Koh as there was a miscalculation in the previous verdict

As Samsung had violated five patents on the iPhone, Apple demanded $379.8 million which included another $114 million for loss in sales. Apple argues that consumers would have preferred to buy Apple devices if Samsung hadn’t copied Apple’s patented features.

On Friday Koh said that Apple hadn’t provided sufficient evidence for loss on profits on four of the five patent violations. Samsung said it had to pay only $52.7 million for violations and the Apple representative declined to comment.

Ever since iPhone was launched in 2007, Schiller has been leading the marketing of Apple devices.

“Samsung copied many attributes of Apple’s products; its designs and features…the very essence of what Apple is about,” Schiller said to the Jury.

“We are simply trying to make our product better,” Schiller added.

Samsung would present witnesses on Friday, with Koh setting the closing arguments on Tuesday.


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