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Fitbit Now Records Automatically all Fitness Sessions

fitbitThe numerous users of Fitbit paired with Surge or Charge HR devices now no longer have to be concerned about whether they have kept a log with their exercises beforehand. With the new software upgrade, both fitness and health wearable can register workouts instantly. The innovative SmartTrack function can identify some particular actions such as bike riding, jogging and elliptical exercises without any feedback.

Alternative actions are registered into wider groups like sports activities, which work or tennis and football for example, and aerobic sessions, for cardio, cycling, Zumba or dancing classes. People can install SmartTrack via Fitbit’s partner app, interpreting the types of actions they prefer to monitor instantly, and the effective time it has to take before the app begins recording everything. Fitbits’ default option activates exercise features after only 10 minutes.

This new function is somehow similar to Jawbone’s Smart Coach sports tracker, which is based on the total user information, in order to determine with precision when a person has worked out. After the exercising session, Jawbone clients can write the types of sports activity on the smart phone in order to get the correct calorie burn evaluation for a certain time of intense effort.

The main difference in comparison with Fitbit’s work out recognition is the fact that it needs pulse rate information, which means that it is not offered on Fitbit One, Flex, Charge and Ultra. Besides the latest SmartTrack function, Fitbit is increasing the accuracy of heart pulse measurements for all Surge and Charge HR customers, and is including every week workout objectives to their mobile phone applications.

Those objectives are now also provided Windows and iOS platforms, and are advancing to the Android operating system in the next weeks. Even if Fitbit has gained an important advantage in the health and fitness wearable segment, the application is now experiencing tough competition from Apple’s smart watch that has landed in a top place for globally wearable delivery according to the companies that analyze these strategies happening on the market.

Apple’s smart watch cannot recognize specific exercises instantly, so this feature is just one way in which Fitbit can remain an attractive app for sports lovers as it leads into the essential holiday shopping weeks. The upgrade move comes at the right time before these crucial weeks that can determine the success or failure, especially for recent products which have not an established place in the market, compared to all other apps and fitness monitors covering the health and wellness segment.

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