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Will Users Have to Pay for All Online Services?

online servicesMany of the Internet marketers perceive ad-blocking tools as risks for their online services, so it is not a shock that some of them, Yahoo being the most noticeable name, are fighting against this type of software. However, this strategy may have long-term results on the online world in the next years.

The first response to the information that a major search engine has blocked all access to email services for a number of customers who have an ad blocker installed on their browser was a negative one, even filled with anger. This trial move is extremely invasive and it represents a dreadful way to handle the client base.

Yahoo Mail, just like Facebook, Gmail or the majority of other online services and websites, offers free services and marketing facilitates it. Facebook and Google are making good money thanks to this advertising strategy, but this is not actually a profitable situation for all Internet companies. And the simplest Web design, in the form of totally free material sustained by marketing, is already showing its flaws.

For years, marketers believed that the methods working well for transmitted TV could work fine in the online environment, too. This is not true at all and it is no coincidence that even extremely effective information platforms, such as the major newspapers’ sites, charge a small fee for accessing their material. They were compelled to do it, since other news aggregators disappeared over time while trying to offer free content.

This problem is not new at all and it is a real issue dragged for over 10 years. When the Internet first turned into an important media power, many marketers simply adopted printed material and added it onto their sites. The strategy was not very creative, but this was a free marketing method that did not require a lot of effort from customers using this online material.

News or entertainment material became the lure used to attract people into watching it and maybe clicking the companies’ ads. In a similar manner, free email services or online searches put specific material for their customers, but for unknown reasons, Google had a profitable strategy, while Yahoo did not have the same success.

Web advertising just does not attract clients in the way hoped by the marketers and promoters needed some time to understand the problem, but after this, they responded to it in full force. The simplest online measurements, website traffic, are less significant than ever before, and companies are now beginning to give money only when users remain a certain period in a section of the website.

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