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Windows 10 Mobile Promises a Technological Revolution

windows-10-mobileThe new Windows 10 Mobile OS could be classified as a second-level platform, but it does not have poor features compared to the major operating systems. With a new mobile system, Microsoft has increased with more than 100% the efficiency rate, designing an effective OS with periodic updates, especially for its recent desktop-like Continuum function.

Microsoft offered to the tech experts its new leading mobile phones, the latest Lumia 950 and 950XL, to analyze its recent Windows 10 OS for smart phones. It is working on the Build 10586 version, the same edition that the company used to deliver its Insider program this week. Microsoft could make this model available very soon and totally free, to those who own previous Windows smart phones.

However, we have to keep in mind that some of the improvements made for Windows 10 Mobile rely on the components integrated into the new Lumia 950 devices. The software producer also thinks that if people are buying a phone with the Windows 10 OS, the already own at least one PC running on the same platform. It is not extremely important, but Microsoft Windows 10 connects mobile phones, tablets and PCs a lot easier than Apple’s iOS and its numerous mobile devices. On a PC or Windows mobile gadget, Microsoft says that users will be more efficient that on any other operating system.

The DVR products let customers to see live TV streaming whenever they wanted, while Google Maps seemed to kill the customer GPS market. By far, Windows 10 Mobile’s top feature is Continuum, the function that allows people link their phones to an exterior display, which works like a desktop. The feature certainly will not eliminate the tablets and PCs, but it is still a massive change in processing operations.

Continuum is able to connect the phone to various monitors with and without cables, but it functions best with a $100 Display Dock produced by Microsoft, which joins to or charges the latest Lumia phones via the USB-C wire. This station does not built-in the Micro-USB port, such as the one used by past Windows smart phones.

You only have to plug a mouse or keyboard into its 2.5” center through the USB 2.0 slots and the system is ready to go immediately, without needing further additions to it. You will also have a selection to link them via HDMI and DVI, with the second option making the smartphone to work as a regular desktop system.

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  1. Have you tried getting around and using the Continuum in real-world situations? I've had the chance to actually put it to the test and it impresses everyone! It impresses everyone although most viewers cannot understand it and impresses me with its stability and execution. It really works. A real PC experience in your pocket.

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