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Google Hangouts Users Can Now Join Via Invitations

Google-HangoutsGoogle has just made simpler the way in which people can have an online conference, or any type of chatting for that manner, through its Google Hangouts feature. The organization announced this week that customers are no longer required to own a personal Google account in order to use the service, and instead they only need an invitation to a meeting.

Joining a chatting session must be as simple as entering a room, according to Google’s technicians responsible for this communication platform, who wrote more about it in a short article. There has to be a similar conversation whether people are discussing in person and in online meeting, since they have to Interact with team members and perform their tasks, while having the management and protection they need at the workplace.

The upgrade to Hangouts that was a function first presented as component of Google+, will be launched at the end of this week. Google’s representatives mentioned that to participate in a conference, the customer just has to click on the links sent in the invitations. The users making the requests invite the visitors via Google Calendar.

This procedure follows the same steps whether you are using the Internet, mobile and Chromebox for online conferences, said the specialists. This is a very beneficial feature for all users, regardless if they have a Google account or not. While there are not many individuals without a personal Google account, those who have one will never use the option in a professional establishing with the older account requirements.

Right now, it needs to be only a person who does not own or prefers not to use the personal account to turn the whole situation into a serious issue. The search engine’s experts added that businesses are progressively depending on speech conferences and video meetings in their activity, so this upgrade will represent a major improvement for them.

Video meetings are already widely used, and both Microsoft and Google are trying to make this type of communication the most popular among users. Video or audio conference meetings, all in a virtual environment, even private discussions with cleints are extremely important.

Earlier this year, the search engine changed its strategy to turn its Hangouts feature into a feature for business customers. That is when the organization added the service into its applications for client companies. Before this, the communication platform was perceived more as a social network that was just an element of Google+.

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