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Robot Cats for the Elderly, by Hasbro

"old woman"
A lonely old woman, awaiting the arrival of her robotic feline companion

As part of their Joy for All line of toys, the creative people at Hasbro have proudly announced their new toy: the Joy for All Companion Pet Cat. Indeed, we will soon have robot cats for the elderly, by Hasbro.

Already declared the most therapeutic robot ever made by the people over at Guinness World Records, the Companion Pet Cat is an ideal companion for both the elderly and children alike.

The product has come as part of the Joy for All toy line, a movement started by Hasbro in order to improve the lives of lonely people everywhere.

Covered in real fur, with sensors that detect its surroundings, and even the ability to purr, the Companion Pet Cat has been designed after a study revealed that over one million UK citizens have not spoken to anyone for over a year.

The “Vibrapurr” feature, which is one of the product’s key selling points, allows the mechanical companion to respond to the owner’s touch, as well as transmit its purring, both by sound and vibration, thus making it an ideal petting or cuddling partner for a lonely, secluded individual.

The sensors allow the feline friend to pick up its surroundings and react accordingly. It can detect motion and become active, and if it is ignored for a while, it “goes to sleep”. Hasbro also praises the product’s ability to replicate a real cat’s motions and behaviors.

As Hasbro refuses to answer too many questions about the product, it is unclear whether this means that the robotic companion will knock down cups, scratch at the door to be let out, only to come back in when the door is opened, or if it will bring its owner dead animals as a gift, but that is highly unlikely.

Still, for those of us who love cats for all of their behaviors, even the messy ones, this is probably not the ideal companion.

However, were you to purchase this innovative piece of technology, you would find yourself delighted at the lack of scratch marks on your furniture, the absence of the always dreaded litter box, and of course, the absence of hair all over your house.

At only $99, the product will soon hit shelves and hopefully provide company to lonely senior citizens all over the world.

Would you get a robot cat? What do you most look forward to in this product?

Image source: www.wikimedia.org

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