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PS2 Backwards Compatibility Will Soon Be Available on PS4

The titular PlayStation 4

Great news for Sony fans worldwide, as PS2 backwards compatibility will soon be available on PS4. This information was brought to light after the release of a recent Star Wars bundle for the PS4, which included some old PS2 games.

Great, right? They just remade them, some of you more skeptical readers might think.

But, as it turns out, they didn’t. After some research, it became apparent that the games were not remastered, but they are being emulated on the newest Sony console.

Sony has attempted a similar maneuver in the past, as the original PS3 consoles that were sold had backwards compatibility, only to be removed from later batches.

Still, fans are excited for the possibilities this move implies because many Sony fans have extensive PS1 and PS2 game collections, which would look very good when played on the newer, superior PS4 console.

Making a console backwards compatible has been avoided in the past by the two industry giants, Sony and Microsoft, as it would make for fewer sales and a decreased revenue.

They would much rather remaster a game, improving its graphics, and launch the remastered version, than offer the possibility of playing an already owned game on the new console.

Since the PlayStation 2 system is quite outdated, and games have stopped coming out on that platform, as well as most computers already being able to emulate PS2 games, Sony has made a bold move by enabling the emulation of PS2 games on the PS4.

However, Sony is not the first company to do something like this, as Microsoft has announced Xbox 360 games to be made available on the Xbox One. The games became available on Nov. 12, and the move was a huge success.

Not having to pay in order to play games that you already own is a great step for the gaming community, not only for the gamers, but for the developers as well.

Indeed, this will lead to a decrease in revenue over what will probably be the first year or so after the reveal, since remastered games will slowly become outdated, but it will eventually lead to talented teams that have been wasting their time and creativity on remastering old games to start working on new, superior products.

How do you feel about Sony’s move? Are you excited to play an old favorite on a new platform?

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