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Safety Check Service for Nigeria Has Been Activated

"Safety Check for Nigeria bombing"
Safety Check gets activated in increasingly more countries.

Facebook has recently announced that their Safety Check Service for Nigeria has been activated at less than a week after last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. The social network has faced strong criticism because the service was only made available in France, while similar attacks in Beirut were neglected.

Safety Check is the online service that Facebook introduced in April 2015 in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. The feature was supposed to be used only after catastrophic events and natural disasters during which inhabitants of a region need to keep in touch with each other and, what’s more important, to let the others know if they are safe or not.

As an exception, the feature was activated for the first time during last Friday’s Paris bombing event though it wasn’t for its exact purpose. Facebook was harshly criticized for choosing to use Safety Check in Paris, while the same feature could have been very useful during attacks in Beirut.

Facebook’s representatives responded by explaining users that they did not plan the exact date when the feature will be activate. On the contrary, they felt this was the right time for them to do it and they did it. It was simply a matter of choosing the moment to start something. Nevertheless, Facebook agreed to use Safety Check for terrorist attacks, as well, if they have to.

The recent bomb attacks in Nigeria have been announced through Safety Check, as Mark Zuckerberg told he would. However, the CEO has warned users that the feature will not be used every time because terrorist attacks in certain regions are all too common and it would be very difficult to establish which places are really safety.

Mark Zuckerberg tried to lift the spirits of Facebook users. He told them that they should not be worried about the recent deadly attacks. Although news travel fast and we get exposed to many negative rumors, reports show that mortality rates are still at an all-time low. In his opinion, the world is improving and things will get better if we all continue to contribute.

Image source: www.skynews.com.au

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