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Facebook Releases a New Donation Option

facebook donation optionFacebook is launching a new version of its charitable donation option with financial transactions that will be made straight on the social platform’s site, according to the organization’s professionals. The company also presented a new device that it has called “fundraisers”, a type of modular expansion of a team’s Facebook page that it can contain conversations about a specific cause, show pics and vids, ask for contributions and monitor money brought up, all for particular charitable campaigns.

This new donation feature will be added to the recent “fundraisers” device. When customers make donations and share them with their friends, the donation key will also be shown in separate posts. As a result of this, the charitable contribution feature will be noticeable to Facebook customers as they search through the newsfeed.

The new functions are being analyzed with a number of non-profit organizations, according to the social network’s representatives. The company wants to make these features available to authorized American charity groups sometime during 2016 and consequently to worldwide non-profit organizations.

Non-profit groups involved in the analysis, some of them being among the most known organizations like UNICEF, WWF and other major entities, are testing it absolutely free. During the next months, when Facebook offers it for all non-profit institutions, it will apply a symbolic fee that is intended to cover these costs.

These functions are the newest element in Facebook’s strategy in making its enormous social platform a system to help charitable fundraising events. The point that the company will keep these contributions moved within its own website during the analysis is an essential detail: having access to all donators’ private information is an issue for nonprofit organizations.

Now, it is a different situation than its “Donate Now” key that was offered this summer for Facebook groups and paid ads. With that option, customers are sent to the groups’ own websites to make a contribution and that previous feature continues to be functional for all users. This time, according to the company’s officials, the objective is to develop a donation system with the lowest number of clicks possible.

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