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LG Smart TV Will Soon Run Google Play’s Movies and TV

lg smart tvThe LG Smart TV is planned to receive Google Play’s feature with TV shows and films and it means that people who have such a top device will own a new system to stream videos and other media material on their gadgets. Google Play’s Movies and TV feature starts with its implementation in LG’s collection of web operating platforms, intelligent TVs or NetCast v 4.0 or 4.5. This move makes LG the first TV system besides Google’s own Android TV that includes the new option from Google Play.

Providing its customers the best modern entertainment options is LG’s most important goal and the collaboration with the search engine to offer the Movies and TV feature helps the South-Korean company to deliver attractive material. This function comes along with enhanced TV resolution and a quick and easy smart device operated by LG’s webOS TV system.

This new option will allow all Android customers who already own Google Play material to efficiently watch movies or TV series via their streaming systems. Thanks to Google Play’s features, people will get access to an extremely wide variety of different films and TV series, which has new productions, independent movies, old famous classics and many more. All video content is streamed in HD and SD resolution.

Interestingly, taking into consideration the aspect that material comes from a cloud-based platform, customers who choose to purchase or rent videos material through Google Play will continue to watch movies and TV shows from their mobile phones and tablets.

In the initial phase, the system will be launched to markets in the United States, Canada, Australia and UK. Later on, it will be offered in other 100 other countries from all over the globe. This particular support is already provided on iPad and iPhone.

The LG Smart TV serves a few applications, such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon streaming platforms. It is good to remember that some of these streaming streams provide material in 4K and Android TV represents a system that combines applications and services available on mobile systems. Right now, this service is only offered on TVs produced by Sony and Sharp.

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