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Google Chromebit – a Powerful PC in a Tiny Package

The giant search engine has launched a new gadget called Google Chromebit, this being the latest member of an increasing Chromebook family. The device is more similar to the Chromecast than the Chromebook, but its dongle possesses the internal elements of the notebooks based on Google’s browser packed into sticks more compact than the iPhone. The search engine presented the new gadget, which is coming in stores next month, along with Google’s new collection affordable Chromebooks.

The Asus-manufactured Chromebit has a core like the conventional Chromebook: 2GB of RAM, a Rockchip chip system with 16GB of internal memory, all packed into the dongle with the dimensions of a USB device rather than those of a notebook. It has a price under $100, even if some additional costs may appear during the usage for other peripherals.

Chromebit has two slots built into it: one for USB and another one for HDMI. The former is utilized to link the device to a screen, while latter slot is used for charging it and to have other devices attached to it, such as a mouse and keyboard, including via a wireless connection, as the system has such functions. Asus really performed an amazing technological innovation with the Chromebit, compressing everything into these compact dimensions, according to the tech specialists who have tested the device.

While Google described a variety of circumstances in which the device may be used with success, from charging electronic signals to mobile equipments or supporting screens for online hotspots with obsolete PCs, the officials said that the organization is still looking for new and unusual uses for the gadget.

For people who prefer a conventional form factor, the producer has another Chromebook in its arsenal: the $250 Chromebook Flip that has gained a lot of popularity among users who enjoy a vanilla experience on a regular laptop. Its design appears like Lenovo’s Yoga models and other hybrid devices, since it can function as a regular laptop with the trackpad and keyboard or as a tablet when its touchscreen is turned around.

Thanks to the all-aluminum, yet light and portable body, the Chromebook Flip was developed to have a “premium” feel to it, despite its rather average cost. It comes built with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of inner storage and the battery that works up to 10 hours, in the company’s tests. Similar to other convertible gadgets, the Chromebit’s user interface is modified based upon its usage. As a tablet, for instance, the product has an on-screen keyboard that facilitates handwriting identification.

Image source: Tuttoandroid

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