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Tumblr Releases Its Instant Messenger for PC and Mobile

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Tumblr allows users to chat by using IOS and Android

The Yahoo owned website has been missing an easy way to chat between users for a long time now, but as of this Tuesday, Tumblr releases its instant messenger for PC and mobile platforms. This change has been long awaited by fans, who until now only had the Fan Mail function to chat between themselves.

The instant messaging system appears similar to the likes of the Facebook and Google instant chat systems. The chat pop-up is situated in the bottom right corner in order to not cover the timeline and can be accessed by clicking the white smiling speech bubble. Unfortunately it doesn’t support emojis or sending various files and gifs yet, these additions being planned to roll out in 2016. In addition to this, you can no longer remain anonymous when chatting with someone as you could do with the Ask system.

There is also the option that you can only get messages from the people you know in order to dodge the various conversations you might not want to have with random strangers on the internet.

But don’t get too excited, the instant messenger for Tumblr is at the moment only released to a handful of people, around 1500, similar to a closed beta. But this can be easily circumvented if you have a friend that got in. Just ask them to send you a message through the chat and you will be able to use it. If you miss the chance to get it by using this method, the chat will be publicly available to everyone starting this December.

Yahoo hopes to increase interconnectivity between the users of Tumblr with this chatting system, basically removing the use of Fan Mail, which was basically a glorified private messaging system. This follows the recent trends that apps have followed in the past year, with sites like Instagram, Vine and Twitter launching their own version of the instant messaging system, in order to compete with the ever popular Facebook.

Even though Tumblr releases its instant messenger for PC and mobile in its rudimentary form, the fans are still overly excited by the concept of having thread like conversations with fellow bloggers and Tumblr users worldwide. Now they just have to wait a little more in order for the program to roll out more functions, so they can enjoy chatting with other people on Tumblr just as other people enjoy chatting on Facebook.

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