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Google Upgraded Google Maps with Holiday Working Hours

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Google wants to help you plan your shopping this Christmas.

According to an official press release, Google upgraded Google Maps with holiday working hours on Friday afternoon. The new feature is meant to help users plan their holiday shopping sessions by visiting only the shops that are open.

Google has foreseen another need that users were not even aware of, such as, the necessity to know the working hours of your favorite store during holidays. Now that they have mentioned it, we begin to realize that the new Google Maps and Google Search feature is, indeed, promising. It can save us all of those dreadful moments when we find ourselves in front of our favorite store and realize it is closed.

The tech developer has put a lot of effort into the ideation of the new feature or at least, this is the impression one gets when testing the new feature. Working hours will be available on a global scale and personalized, according to regional characteristics.

Thus, Google will know when U.K. residents celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, for instance, and will display the corresponding information, even if other countries will have regular working hours.

Google Maps’ Holiday Working Hours seem really useful, but we shouldn’t jump into conclusions just yet. Similar to other contact details, companies have to provide the information that Google needs to update its new services. Consequently, there may be no working hours displayed, unless the company specifies them.

The tech developer has stated that the only solution in this case is to inform users that normal working hours may be affected by holidays. This way, users know beforehand that the store may not be open during certain time intervals.

Google’s decision to introduce the new service has a lot to do with the queries that users usually make on their browsers. The company has noticed that many users come to Google to find contact details and working hours for certain stores. They hope the new service will save users’ time and will help companies keep customers upgraded with whatever changes they make in their programs.

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