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New Android Malware Can Completely Ruin Your Smartphone

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Android-based smartphones become infected with the new malware the moment it is installed.

You’re probably familiar by now with the fact that Android apps can be dangerous, especially since the majority of them are available for free from third-party developers. A recent announcement warns that new Android malware can completely ruin your smartphone – that’s how powerful it is.

Smartphone users appreciate Android because most of the apps and programs can be downloaded for free. Yet, the operating system has proven itself faulty on many occasions and developers have all agreed that devices are more vulnerable to hackers’ attacks if they use Android apps.

This belief was confirmed once again on Friday, when Lookout Security declared that they have discovered one of the strongest Android malware programs until now. The virus has already destroyed many devices and it is expected to make many more victims in the future, unless users pay attention to the programs they download.

Security analysts have studied the manner in which the malware attacks phones. First of all, the bug is present in third-party Android apps that imitate reputed programs, such as, Facebook and Twitter; hence, users’ difficulty in recognizing them as potentially dangerous programs.

Users, who fall into hackers’ trap and download the malicious programs will have most of their apps ad-flooded. Unfortunately, de-activating or dis-installing the app won’t work, either because the app roots itself on the smartphone’s operating system the moment it is installed. There are other risks that the security company has identified, namely, that the app helps hackers gain access to personal data and accounts.

The malware has been created a short while ago, but it can already be labeled into three categories, based on the viruses it contains. According to Lookout Security, Shuanet, Kemoge and Shudun are the three most spread categories of malware, at present.

20,000 smart devices have already been infected since the malware was first created. Security analysts estimate that it is more present in the United States, Brazil, China, India and Russia.

Experts recommend smartphone users, in general, and Android users, in particular, to install anti-viruses on their devices to safeguard them. Moreover, users are strongly advised to avoid apps developed by mysterious third-party companies.

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