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4 Easy Ways to Turn Your Dumb Watch into a Smartwatch

Thanks to developers’ ingenuity, there are now 4 easy ways to turn your dumb watch into a smartwatch. These devices are just as effective as smartwatches being able to perform most of the functions that smart timepieces have accustomed us with, but they are much more affordable.

  1. Glance’s Smart Accessory for Classic Watches
"glance's smartwatch band"
Glance’s accessory is a pager-like accessory that is attached to the strap.

Glance’s device guarantees to turn any watch into a smart one, but it is not the most felicitous choice buyers can make. The accessory is a $70 gadget that can be attached on the watch band and allow users to quickly view smartphone notifications. You’ve guessed it, Glance’s smart accessory for classic watches does not really turn the classic timepiece into a modern timer; it’s a pager-like device that is attached to the watch band and displays notifications. We have positioned it on the fourth place of our top 4 easy ways to turn your dumb watch into a smartwatch because it is unaesthetic and can encumber users while they wear it.

  1. Kairos Smart T-Band for Smartwatches
"Kairos smartwatch band"
Kairo’s smartwatch band works great with sport watches, but taken on its own, it has a simplistic design.

Unlike Glance, which has created a separate smartwatch accessory, Kairos went for the watch band. The developer foresaw users’ wish to upgrade classic timepieces without adding a burdensome device that looks and feels awkward. Kairos created the T-Band – a smartwatch band that can turn any analog timepiece, be it Rolex or no name, into a genuine smart timer. The device can last up to seven days without being recharged, it can display all sorts of notifications and track sleep activity. The price may vary depending on the model from $129 to $199.

  1. Modillian’s Smart Strap
"Modillian's smartwatch strap"
Modillian’s smart strap – a better looking and much more affordable alternative for Kairos’ smartwatch band.

Following in Kairos’ footsteps, Modillian developed their own line of smart straps that can be attached to literally all watches and take them from ‘dumb’ to smart. We think the new smartwatch band from Modillian deserves to be on the second place in our top 4 easy ways to turn your dumb watch into a smartwatch simply because it looks better and it is more cost-efficient. The leather strap features a discreet device, displaying visual notifications and messages every time the wearer receives a message on its smartphone. The battery can last up to more than a week and the price does not exceed $200.

  1. Chronos Smartwatch Disc
"Chronos' smartwatch disc"
Chronos’ disc is the best alternative for smartwatches, so far.

At the top of our selection of 4 easy ways to turn your dumb watch into a smartwatch is Chronos’ smartwatch disc. This is the latest technology in matters of accessories because it is the most intelligent. The plastic disc is positioned on the back of any analog watch, so it will barely be visible. The disc uses Android and iOS apps to connect to the smartphone and notifications are sent via Bluetooth. There are many sensors of the surface of the disc, so Chronos can also monitor users’ heart rate and pulse. It turns the analog watch into a smart timepiece/health tracker and notifications can be personalized, based on the type of information they convey. The price is attractive, too; the Chronos smartwatch disc will sell for $99.

Image source: www.assets.bwbx.io

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