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OK Google (voice assistant) stores all your voice commands

Like Siri and Cortana, Google developed a personal assistant known as “Google Now“. Now-a-days, all Android Smartphone users can experience voice assistant by tapping on the small microphone icon placed on a search tab. In the latest Android marshmallow firmware, We have more in Google voice assistant that supports “Now on Tap” or “Google Now on Tap” features.ok-google-voice-assistant

What’s more? If a user does a voice search on any keyword, the generated results are viewed on a card basis. In which, you can find information, suggestions and actions. Moreover, the digital voice assistant can now identify the owner voice easily. It’s true! Google recording all your voice commands or voice search. The company coded a “Google Now” features not only for the purpose of voice search, but also to improve its voice recognition. The collected voice commands are stored in the associated Google account. Apple Siri has got the similar kind of a recording feature to collect each and every voice command, but those stored voice commands cannot be accessed by the owner.

Google has got a huge data capacity to store all your previous searches, voice command as well as watched YouTube videos. Whether you cleared history in the browser or not, everything will be stored online. These data storage features can enable/disable under manage activity section.

Almost everything, all voice commands is archived in your personal Google account. It can be directions, contacts, set alarms, any text, hotel search that ditches on “Google Now”. We look forward more updates on Google product. Stay connected and share your opinion in the comment section below.

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