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Nurse sues New Jersey Governor as she was quarantined over Ebola fears

A year ago, Chris Christie, the Republican New Jersey Governor dared a nurse for suing him after being placed in Newark under mandatory quarantine, even though the Ebola test showed negative results. Attorney Norman Siegel, Udi Offer as well as Attorney Steven Hyman answered questions in a news conference in New York on the 22nd of October 2015.nurse-sues-new-jersey-governor

Chris Christie says that there is a new rule that requires a 21 day quarantine for people who are in contact with patients of Ebola as it is essential for protecting public in New Jersey as well as other states.  $250,000 is being sought by Hickox as a compensation for punitive damages. Hickox was treating the patients of Ebola with group ‘Doctors Without Borders’ in Sierra Leone.

Hickox was coming back as a volunteer health worker in Sierra Leone when slight fever was shown by a forehead-scan thermometer that was screened at the Newark Liberty worldwide Airport.  Hickox, living in Oregon stated at a news conference in New York via Skype that he was literally in the dark. This plan was criticized by the White House and many medical experts. This plan was quite strict as compared to federal standards.

If Kaci Hickox relies primarily on the claim that this 80-hour detention was not reasonable, she would lose certainly, since the officials have discretion in combating health hazards of life and death, especially when there are several key parameters as to how the disease is spread, how long would a symptom-free person can remain contagious and much more. 2 cases in the US were reported during the quarantine time of Hickox. 1 case resulted in the death of a Liberian man. No comments are being given by Christie’s office on this pending legal matter.

Even if the chances of others being infected are just 1 out of 100, it is difficult to argue that her freedom of 80hours is very important. In the lawsuit, conditions of quarantine were described as how Hickox was in the tent in the unheated parking garage.

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