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New Jersey town get free Uber rides for drunk people

The American transportation company, Uber decided to expand their network with USA municipality. What’s more? If you are drunk and enjoying the party around Jersey’s Evesham Township, the Uber new mission will offer a free ride back to home. Yes! It’s true, there 10 drinking location where you can get a free ride in Jersey’s Evesham Township.Uber-free-ride-in-new-jersey-township

According to Reuters website, Over 250 number charged for driving under the influence in 2015. Evesham township became a largest recorded DUI arrests and the number increasing day by day. The American transportation company and U.S municipal partnership together aiming a free ride mission in New Jersey Evesham. They had been together since September, which reduced the driving under the influence arrests range from 23 to 8 within 4 weeks.

This result a good decision to reduce the problem in a short period of time. Uber transporting company’s new mission is really surprising for the people who live-in nearby the town. This really sounds pretty cool, people who are addicted to alcohol can get a free ride. In this case, New Jersey township local administration takes the ride expenses responsibility.

If you want to get a free ride back home, then you need to be a part of 19 drinking locations. This service is available between 9PM to 2AM only. You can catch a free ride Uber taxi back to actual residence and not other bars.

Uber’s general manager says, “We began working with [Evesham Township Mayor Randy Brown] through our national partner, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and realized it was the perfect opportunity to use our technology to help take drunk drivers off the road.”

This new service is to reduce the number of DUI arrests, hence partnership will run till next January 2, 2015. Even though the partnership ends on Jan 2, the program continues to take down DUI arrests. Some local business and charity foundation started to donate funds for the similar kind of services, which is also called as “BeMyDD“. These funds will really helpful to expand the number of drivers and their cars.

Some rumor suggests, The American transportation company is planning in partnership with other municipalities to bring a similar kind of program in their location.


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