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Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) Xbox Live creator Eric left the company

As a shocking as well as a surprising note, Eric Neustadter has made an announcement that he would leave Xbox at  Microsoft after 18 and a half years now. The chief financial officer of Microsoft, Amy Hood stated that a lot of growth was witnessed by the company in Xbox Live services as well as in the 1st party game portfolio even though the sales for last-gen system were declined.xbox-live-eric

It is quite interesting to see how Holiday 2015 of Microsoft works for them, as they would have several high profile releases including Guardians on the 27th of October.

Soon after there were reports that Xbox One had lost to PS4 in console shipments, it was clarified by the company that console numbers wouldn’t be tracked officially as the primary metric.  As a director of architecture of Xbox Live, he was quite integral to the  development and creation of this gaming network, which has come on the top.

Neustadter’s departure would definitely be quite worrisome for gamers of Halo. Early Halo games were targeted by Xbox Live from Halo 2 onwards into the category of most played shooting games online that were released for Xbox. However, the Master Chief version of Halo was quite disappointing owing to its connection problems. Now, the implementation of  these fixes is being done and now, the series would rebound.

Apart from the network of Xbox Live, Neustadter was a very publicized face of Microsoft’s gaming brand along with Larry Hryb, the director of Programming and Phil Spencer, the Xbox Chief. Neustadter is very famous as the 1st person who had created a gamertag for Xbox Live. The importance and influence of Xbox live can be sensed from responses received to the tweet, wherein he announced that he is leaving the company. His departure is a disbelief for many people inside as well as outside this industry.

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  1. Thank god! Maybe now they can get their hardware to leap into the 2000's. In all reality, he should have been dismissed after the 'red ring of death' fiasco!

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