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Saltwater Crocodiles can sleep with an eye open

On Friday, Australian scientists stated that the saltwater crocodiles can rest with 1 eye open to watch for threat or prey. According to a research, scientists had revealed that half brain of the mammals can be conscious even if they are conscious.saltwater-crocodile-eye-open-sleep

These saltwater crocodiles are found widely in regions of Northern Australia their approximate weight is more than 1 tonne and their growth happens up to 7 meters long.

La Trobe University’s lead author, Michael Kelly stated to the reporters that Birds like sleeping like humans and have both the eyes closed. However, when they feel some threat, they have 1 eye open and they orientate that eye towards those threats. Crocodiles too behave in the same way.

Now this study is seen in the Journal of Experimental Biology and in this, 3 young saltwater crocodiles from individual tanks were monitored separately more than a year ago. Further, Kelly added that this research was needed for monitoring the brain waves of crocodiles to see if even these creatures sleep with half brain shutdown which is known as ‘uni-hemispheric’ sleep. In this study, the human behavior of sleeping with a completely unconscious brain is quite rare in the realm of animals.

Birds as well as several marine mammals can have a control on whether both the halves of their brain are unconscious or just 1 while sleeping, with open eye having a link to the conscious gray matter. Kelly states that this can definitely bring about a change in the way humans think about sleep and in this way, the brain is completely shut down, wherein is not aware of the surroundings.

Birds are the closes evolutionary relative of crocodiles and they share a common ancestor before they split. At La Trobe University, the team studied the reaction of crocodiles during sleep, when they were approached by humans and other young crocodiles. It was found that the stimuli was followed with open eye.

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