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Pizza is the most addictive food of all, survey says

In this fast world, the eating habits have also transformed themselves and shifted to the fast line. You ask any individuals between the ages 15 years to 35 years, you will find pizza, burger or a hotdog as a part of their diet. It is not that the people are completely dependent on fast food, but they are dependent to the extent which certainly makes them addicted to it. Now you might just think that how and when did pizza or a burger becomes an addictive food? Well, the answer is that it has always been.pizza-addiction

According to a recent survey published in the United States National Library of Medicine, there are many foods that we eat during the daily course of our lives that are addictive. The survey was conducted by the United States National Library of Medicine of a group of 500 students, who were treated according to the Yale Food Addiction Scale. Yale Food Addiction Scale helps you to measure how much someone is addicted to any kind of food.

The study shows that not all the food items that we eat everyday are addictive. Some of them are addictive and amidst the addictive foods lot of them move into the addiction zone for many due to use of various kinds of drugs as well.

The Study was done for the 500 students at various levels. In one they were forced to eat 35 varieties of food of varying nutrition levels. On the other hand, the same students were made to take high calorie and high fat foods.

The food items that top the list of addictive foods include pizza, chocolate, chips, cookies, ice cream, fries and soda. All of the mentioned foods are high on Fats and Carbohydrates.

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