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Google Photos reaches a milestone of 100 million monthly active users

It’s been an only five months after the release of Google Photos by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), it has reached a milestone of 100 million users in a very short span of time. While comparing it to other platforms such as Twitter and others, they took almost 5 years to achieve the milestone of 100 million user base.google-photos-1-million

Yes, it is almost a huge achievement for Google Photos and also, because of the availability of applications in both Android and Apple made it a huge success.

The main advantage of Google Photos is that, one can store an unlimited amount of photo in their account. Google Photos act as a safer medium for saving the media and other items in the cloud, while compared to other leading services in the industry. In addition to this, Google Photos uses an algorithm, which allows the users to find the images by searching with a keyword such as baby, car or any other keywords. The more interesting part is that, even if you don’t enter the description for the image, it also will offer you better result for the search.

While compared to other major cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Photos allow them to organize their data in a proper manner and let them to utilize it properly. Users can upload photos of 16 megapixels and FULL HD videos unlimitedly. If you want to store photos more than that of 16 megapixels, they should go for a premium service. Basically, the auto-upload feature present over the application will automatically upload the data in the cloud, and helps the users to clear their smartphone memories.

Previously Google has mentioned that, it has almost freed up 3,720 terabytes of storage memories for providing a hassle-free storage for the users. The company is working hard to increase its user base and also for keeping the users on the platform.

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