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Chapman University survey reveals what Americans fear the most

Have you ever thought what do you fear the most? What is the thing that can keep you awake at nights? Recently a survey was conducted by the Chapman University to study the top fears the people of the United States of America face.strah

Moreover, the results are quite astonishing when lined around the other kind of stuffs that might just imbibe fear in others. For many people in various parts of world, monsters and terrorism might just be stated as the most common reason for fear while they lay around in the dark. But with the people of the United States of America, things are not the same.

The worst nightmare that a normal American citizen suffers is the levels of corruption that exists in the American Government. It was quite astonishing to realize that a whopping 58% of the citizens of the United States of America feel the debate that takes place for the candidacy for the post of president make them feel terrified.

What is more astounding that even after suffering from an incident like 9/11, people are not much terrified by terrorism! The possible reason might just be the omnipresence of terrorism. In fact, they do not even worry about things like natural disasters, or diseases like Ebola.


What people are actually afraid of includes acts of identity theft, impersonation, financial crimes, credit card frauds, hacks revealing their personal and private information, etc. The survey has been done on a sample of 1541 adults and most of them are worried more about government, crime in the cyberspace and then follows is a list of the traditional spooky things. The Chapman University has released the survey as America’s Top Fears 2015 with the probable solutions as well.


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