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Apple iWatch to come with different sizes for men and women

Apple’s first ever wearable computing device, iWatch is said to be release in 2 different versions- Men’s 1.7-inch and Women’s 1.3-inch smartwatch.

Apple iWatch to come with 2 sizes for men and women
Apple iWatch to come with 2 sizes for men and women

Many people expected that the Cupertino-based company might release its rumored iWatch in this year, perhaps on the last 2 major press events held for iPhones launch as well as iPads launch, but Apple didn’t revealed any wearable device yet. There were some rumors suggests that the company was testing different sizes of OLED displays for first ever iOS smartwatch. But the latest report from Korea Herald points that Apple is working on separate 1.7-inch and 1.3-inch OLED display panels in order to cater for men and women respectively.

The revelation of 2 different variants of iWatch is sourced from analyst David Hsieh of Display Search and he has the good track record of predicting the future Apple devices prior to the release. Regarding the company’s focus on wearable devices by pausing the Apple TV plans, Paul Gagnon, Director of North American TV research at Display Search said:

“It appears that Apple’s long-rumored TV plans, which were far from concrete anyway, have been put on hold again, possibly to be replaced by a rollout of wearable devices.”

Apart from this, there are some speculation that the Apple iWatch will be lighter and energy conservative than its competitor smartwatches such as Samsung Galaxy Gear or Sony’s SmartWatch. Recently, Apple obtained patent for its low energy Bluetooth technology at United States Patent and Trademark Office, which might power the iWatch to consume very less energy and juice from the small size battery of the wearable device. There could be biometric sensors featured in the Apple iWatch, which could help to track the health and its management info. The iWatch is expected to be released in 2013 itself, at the end, may be!

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