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Study: Most stressful jobs will give you more chances of getting a stroke

A recent study state that the chances of getting stroke is 22 percent higher among those people who’re having stressful jobs than that of people who has less stressful jobs.stressful-jobs-heart-attack

A study at the University of South China Medical was conducted on various factors of job which is responsible for strokes. Not only strokes, various surveys and study were made on different factors, which leads to various heart diseases due to jobs. The study was made for finding the relation between the stress and strokes.

Before this study, 5-6 studies were made by other researchers. But, this study was done in a large scale with 138,000 participants and they were monitored with a time range of 3 to 17 years of time. The study states that women were having more stress factor than men. Even with less stress job, women were having more chances of getting stressed.

Women were having a very high chance of getting stroke by 33%, which is an alarming ratio while comparing to men. In conclusion of the study, the researcher found that low stress job has very less amount of demand on their work. But, high stress job has more control of the work, which makes them to get more stress. Jobs such as scientists and architects have more control over their work while comparing to jobs such as miners, janitors and so on.

Also, jobs such as waitress has more stress and is more active than jobs which have minimal demand works. The most shocking fact is that, people who were having more stress in their jobs might have a chance to get stroked in their life 58 times than the people, who were having very less stress jobs.

Researchers concluded by saying that more research and study were required for concluding the result for the study. Even though the study is very less, stressful jobs might lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

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