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Cancer drug nilotinib promises to reverse Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia

An already approved drug for leukemia, named nilotinib shows drastic changes in reducing symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease commonly referred as Lewy body Dementia (Parkinson’s disease combined with dementia).nilotinib-parkinsons

A preliminary experiment / study was done with 12 patients, who were suffering from the Parkinson’s disease and they were provided with small doses of the drug. After 6 months of pilot experimentation, 11 patients were subjected to improvement in both physical and psychological aspects.

In Society for NeuroScience meeting held in Chicago, Fernando Pagan, author of the study and director of the Movement Disorders Program at Georgetown University Medical Center said,

“After 25 years in Parkinson’s disease research, this is the most excited I’ve ever been,”

He also added that one woman on their first trail started to feed herself, one man started to walk properly and few among those people started to talk properly.

Pagan also states that, if the drug shows a better result in larger scale than the nilotinib will be first drug, which can be used to cure the process of killing brain cells because of the diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. Among those 12 people, Alan Hoffman was one of the people, who was diagnosed with Parkinson in the year 1997. After that, he started having trouble in speaking and also his thinking capacity got slurred because of the disease.

Mrs. Nancy Hoffman, wife of Alan Hoffman said Mr. Hoffman was suffering severely with thinking and also in making senses and after the treatment,

“He improved in every way. He began loading the dishwasher, loading the clothes in the dryer, things he had not done in a long time.”

The study was conducted in order to find whether the drug can be used to cure the disease and return a safer result or not. Pagan added that, the toxicity present in the blood decreased in the patient after started to have the drug.

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