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Google removes ‘OK Google’ voice search from Chrome for desktops

It’s been a quite bad news for those people, who used to Google by saying “OK Google” on their personal computer for browsing. Yes, Google has removed the feature “OK Google” on the Chrome latest build.google-chrome-update

Recently, Google has released the latest version of Google Chrome Web Browser v. 46 for all major operating systems. By adding a few additional features in developer options and new security icon on the Google Chrome, Google has killed the “OK Google” feature in the browser, in which users can easily search with her/ his voice commands.

By installing new version of Google Chrome, a user cannot simply search contents in Google by saying OK Google. For now, they need to click a small microphone icon present in the search bar for voice search.

Google mentioned that, most of the users were not using “OK Google” functionality in the browser, and people are mostly tapping the microphone icon present in the search bar to initiate voice search, rather than using the feature. In addition to this, Google has announced also that, in future build versions, the notification center functionality will be removed. In order to make chrome simpler, Google is thriving more hard, and also planning to provide more advanced development tools in the future.

In U.S. Google Chrome is considered as the one of the best web browsers, because of its rich-in-class features and its additional features. In the meanwhile, the same is criticized a lot because of its additional features, which makes it as a resource hog. Google is working hard to make the browser more simple and unique. Previously, the company stopped supporting Flash contents to increase the battery life of the devices.

Likewise, the developer team is making several changes, which makes the browser more powerful and also simple. Stay tuned for more updates on Google Chrome Browser.

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