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Hulu to launch its own VR app in November for the Gear VR headset

Hulu’s Tim Connoly on Friday revealed that the company will introduce an app for Samsung’s Gear VR headset, which goes on sale next month. Connoly, Hulu’s head of distribution said that the company has timed the launch of the VR app for the release of Samsung’s newest VR headset.hulu-virtual-reality-app

Though Hulu announced the app in September, it hinted that it would ship sometime in the fall. Apart from watching shows on the Gear VR headset, Hulu is also planning to produce programming designed specifically for virtual reality viewing. Though the exact date of its release is not known, it will be priced at $99, and will be available in American and Canadian markets “in time for Black Friday.”

Hulu’s app is similar to the VR apps of Netflix and YouTube, which offers an immersive 3D viewing experience. The company is also working on its own content for creating an intensive 3D experience, as the company claims that the content can “transport viewers into new worlds and change the way they experience and interact” with the company. The company would release a short film called The Big One among these videos.

Samsung Gear VR was jointly created by Samsung and Oculus to create a low-cost virtual reality headset. The device comes with a built-in display, and is more like an improved version of Google Cardboard and Google paperboard VR for smartphones.

Connoly also revealed that Hulu plans to make more original content, exclusively for VR devices. He believes that this would help position the company as an “innovator” in the VR space and helps it “learn earlier on what could be a substantive storytelling environment. More content-providers are likely to launch their own VR apps in the coming days as the virtual reality is slowly gaining traction among consumers.

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