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Phil Spencer unsure if Microsoft Xbox One can beat Sony PS4

Since the time it was announced, Xbox One witnessed a rocky start, but later it bounced back behind Phil Spencer’s (Xbox Head) leadership.  PS4 has kept a steady lead even now and it has been winning consistently every month. Spencer is unsure if it would ever change.phil-spencer-xbox-head

Recently, Spencer spoke at GeekWire Summit and there, discussions on various topics were held. The most interesting of all topics was when someone asked if Xbox One can beat Sony in this generation. To this, he replied that he doesn’t know as Sony has a huge lead and their product is quite good. Adding to it, he stated that he likes the games line-up and content that Xbox has.

Spencer also stated that the trust of some loyal customers was ‘Fundamentally lost’ as the Xbox One was launched.  Whether it was addition of any new feature, they have lost trust in them that they would be equally active in their process of decision-making. Owing to the doubt factor, they are unable to explain that the product is being built only to delight customers and for building a better and manipulative product.

Phil feels happy about the product and its brand position at present. There are several customers that come walking in the store and think Xbox one wouldn’t play used games. However, for clarity, since day one, Xbox One has only been playing used games.  The perception gets set very early because customers have only 5 seconds for internalizing the brand and the message and after that they move on.  They don’t waste time in reading what is said afterwards. However, regaining that mindshare and trust with customers is extremely difficult now.

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