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Google Glass can now stream Play Music after the update, $85 headphones are coming

Google has enabled the support for Google Play Music alongside some new other tweaks to its most popular wearable computing device, Google Glass in the latest XE11 update rolled out on November 7.


Many of the users thought that the latest update only changed the long pressing of touchpad to three time tapping for initiating the search along with the ability to lookup user’s calendar information directly within the Glass, but the music streaming support was also added quietly and the company now confirmed that it will be releasing a earbud headphones made for Google Glass in December for $85, which will make the Google Glass much more productive as well as an entertaining device.

In order to use Google Play Music on Google Glass, you should download and sideload the Google Play Music APK into your gadget. Follow the below steps to achieve this:

  1. First, download Android SDK on your computer from this link.
  2. Download the Google Play Music APK from this link.
  3. Now you should go to Glass Settings > Device Info and turn o the debug mode.
  4. Install the Android SDK and connect your Glass to the computer.
  5. Using the Android SDK, tupe this command “adb install FILENAME.APK“. Here change the “FILENAME” to the APK’s actual file name on your computer.
  6. Voila, Google Play Music on your Google Glass is ready to enjoy!

Google Glass team has published a new video featuring music producer Young Guru, which demonstrates the new feature of the update on the device such as discovering new sounds, using Android Sound Search to find the music, showing off playback, listening to music from Google Play Music with Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Stop, Radio and Volume buttons in a card. But, the current bone conduction speaker isn’t that awesome for better music experience, so comes the announcement from Google of releasing the new earbud headphones for $85. One rumor also suggests that Google will be officially revealing the Music Streaming feature without the need of sideloading APK into the Glass as we recommended above. Moreover, go through the new Explorer Story video below.

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